Elephant Watch Camp

Elephant Watch Camp, in the Samburu National Park is a rustic property, owned by the family who spearheaded the “Save the Elephants Project,” the Douglas-Hamiltons. One of the highlights of your stay at Elephant Watch Camp is visiting this important project.

The flamboyant Mrs. Douglas-Hamilton is a fascinating hostess when she is at the camp; however, she is not there full time, and we feel the experience of Elephant Watch Camp is quite closely tied to the owner. We are unsure if a visit would meet expectations when Mrs. Douglas-Hamilton is not on hand.

Elephant Watch Camp is not the right place for everyone: it is very rustic (long-drop toilets, no running water) and service is casual. When being entertained by the owners, this can be overlooked. It is not the property for those looking for a refined safari and luxurious comfort, but given the right circumstances and guests-it has the potential to be a real highlight.