Saruni Rhino Camp

Saruni Rhino Camp, Saruni Rhino is a small, remote camp in partnership with the Sera Community Conservancy in northern Kenya. It doesn’t boast much for wildlife, but it offers a stellar rhino tracking experience that makes a stay wholly worthwhile.

Rhino tracking is the reason to come. Track black rhino on foot accompanied by an expert Saruni guide and a highly-trained Sera Community Conservancy ranger. Transmitters allow your guide to locate the sanctuary’s rhinos, and your safari vehicle will drop you off nearby. From there, continue on foot through the bush to encounter one of Africa’s most iconic mammals face-to-face. This is a unique opportunity to become part of Kenya’s conservation first-hand, and truly makes the stay. Hours for tracking are limited, so days will be more regimented than at other camps, but the experience is worth the added structure.

Due to its remote location in northern Kenya, be prepared to disconnect: limited Wifi, virtually no cell service, no AC. There are charging strips for cameras, though. In exchange, you get thousands of hectares of wilderness essentially to yourself. Saruni Rhino is the only camp in the area, and it hosts just three stone and thatch bandas set along a dry river bed lined with doum palms. The bandas are largely open-air, so you should be comfortable getting close to nature – including outdoor shower and toilet.

Because of its small size, you’ll share dinner with just a few other guests. We love the romantic, wild feel of dinners set up on the dry river bed, complete with fire, little boats the camp has converted into benches and torches all around.

Our tip: Worth it for the rhinos, but don’t visit right after the rainy season; the bugs at that time can be overwhelming.

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