Simien Mountains National Park

Simien Mountains National Park

The Simien Mountains should be on everyone’s itinerary for travel in Ethiopia. Very accessible, beautiful landscapes, hiking for all fitness levels—we mean it. Though most will do a half or full day trek, the opportunity is there for more intrepid hikers to make their way from Axum to the Simiens on foot. For many, a real highlight is an encounter with Gelada Baboons. More closely related to monkeys than baboons, they are nonetheless fascinating to watch. Their best feature is undeniably their luscious blond locks, fresh out of a 1980s hair salon and crimped from root to tip. Their demeanor is also very relaxed. Honestly, they paid no attention to us on our visits except for the occasional glance up to snap a picture. Even those, or especially those, who have been gorilla or chimp trekking will appreciate the level of ease of the experience.

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