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Northern Peru attracts intrepid travelers with its mix of archaeological sites, cultural heritage, and natural beauty; all hidden far away from the well-known Machu Picchu fortress. Northern Peru has a rich pre-Incan history, and several ancient civilizations flourished in the region before the Inca Empire. These pre-Incan cultures played a significant role in shaping the region’s history, and their legacies are evident in the archaeological sites and artifacts that have been discovered and studied by researchers and archaeologists. The region holds historical gems like the Chachapoyan fortress Kuelap and the pre-Columbian city Chan Chan. Visitors to the Chachapoyas region can also explore the Gocta Waterfall, one of the tallest waterfalls in the world, and the ancient city of Revash with its cliffside mausoleums. Colonial cities such as Trujillo and Cajamarca showcase well-preserved history through architecture and local traditions. Cajamarca holds historical significance as the site of the encounter between the Inca Emperor Atahualpa and Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro.

The landscapes in Northern Peru vary from the highlands around Chachapoyas to the coastal areas near Trujillo and Chiclayo. For adventure seekers, Northern Peru provides trekking routes to archaeological sites, outdoor activities like hiking and birding, and encounters with local indigenous cultures. As an introduction to the region, we suggest a visit to the Gocta Natura Reserve in the Chachapoyas region, for the ultimate physical and emotional reset.

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