Chile’s extensive fjords stretch all the way to the country’s southernmost tip in Tierra del Fuego, a scarcely explored region that feels every bit the end of the world that it is. Stunning scenery aside, the fjords are home to an incredible array of wildlife. From colonies of penguins to migrating whales, elephant seals and cormorants, each day brings fantastic sightings set to a soundtrack of cracking glaciers. Unspoiled and uncrowded, the Chilean fjords are a treat for those looking to escape from daily chaos and immerse in untouched beauty.

Cruising the Chilean fjords is the best way to fully immerse yourself in this environment and a scenic alternative to flying (or taking an overnight bus). Though there are a handful of options, a typical four-day journey takes you from Puerto Montt (just south of the Lake District) to Punta Arenas with plenty of navigation past glaciers and pristine forest. On arrival to Punta Arenas, wave hello to the statue of Ferdinard Magellan who forged a path through the icy waters of the south (whom the Strait of Magellan is named for) before heading to Torres del Paine to continue your visit in Patagonia.

The best months to visit the Chilean Fjords are from September through April. Note that the weather can change drastically in the course of a day, so expect wild temperatures no matter the time of year.