The Best Time to Visit Uruguay

When is the best time to travel to Uruguay?

Located in the southern hemisphere, Uruguay is a year-round destination with pleasant weather during spring, summer, and fall (September through May).

If you want to catch some sun on Uruguay’s beaches, the best time to travel to Uruguay is November through March.


Uruguay climate guide 

A small coastal country with little elevation to speak of, weather trends are fairly uniform across Uruguay. Its latitude—shared with South Africa and southern Australia—gives it a temperate climate, rather than a tropical one. Think: palms and pampas (grassland), rather than sweating jungle.   

Uruguay experiences four seasons, but temperature swings are blunted by the moderating effect of the Atlantic Ocean. For context, average highs and lows in summer (January) in Montevideo are 82°F and 62°F; winter is 59°F and 42°F, respectively. Just note, that humidity can sometimes make temperatures feel cooler. Suffice it to say, winter in Uruguay is anything but harsh. However, during the quietest travel months of the year, some businesses and restaurants shutter completely.  

When to visit Uruguay: Month by month 

Answering the question “When is the best time to visit Uruguay?” depends on how much beach time you’re after and whether you want to celebrate with crowds, or avoid them.

Here’s what’s happening in Uruguay, broken down by season.  

Visiting Uruguay in summer: December, January & February  

December, January and February are Uruguay’s warmest months with temperatures hovering between 77 and 86 degrees, and sometimes higher.

It’s ideal beach weather in Punta Del Este and José Ignacio, and the crowds have noticed. Festive season (mid-December through January) is hopping. Restaurants are buzzing, lounges are bumping, and folks are bronzing at the beach. If this type of hubbub gives you energy, soak it up! If not, consider off-peak times, including November, the first few weeks of December, the second half of February, and all of March. 

If you happen to visit Uruguay in February, get ready for the Carnival of your life. Montevideo lays claim to the longest Carnival celebrations—up to 40 days long—and rivals those in Rio. A celebration in the streets, you can expect comparsas (groups of performers) to fill the city with drumbeats and lively dance.  

Visiting Uruguay in fall: March, April & May 

With the arrival of crisp mornings, fall colors begin to emerge. In Uruguayan Wine Country, grapes will be harvested, and vines will turn red, then gold. The weather is far from cold; it’s a pleasant time for cycling, trail rides, and long outdoor lunches. And, as an upside, the summer crowds have thinned.  

Visiting Uruguay in winter: June, July, August 

In winter, temperatures dip, but rarely below freezing, and snow is entirely uncommon. Southern right whales are migrating to the cooler waters off Uruguay’s Atlantic coast to breed. You won’t get a tan, but with the right layers, beach walks are still pleasant. Many businesses in seasonal resort towns have hit pause, and will hibernate until spring.  

Visiting Uruguay in spring: September, October & November 

Spring rouses buds and blossoms, and midday is perfect for outdoor activities in comfortable temperatures. In Montevideo, October is the time for tango. For two weeks, the annual Viva el Tango festival offers a full program of concerts and performances.   

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