Rocky Mountains

Colorado, Montana, Wyoming

The Rocky Mountains have to be the most impressive mountain range running through the United States, running from New Mexico into Canada, over 3,000 miles long. This mountain range leaves in its path an abundance of national parks, monuments, forests, and reserves. In fact, more than half of the total area of Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho are comprised of protected land, epitomizing the phrase, “the great outdoors”. In the Rockies, expect an array of outdoor activities and breathtaking landscapes, from the pristine wilderness and mountains of Colorado, to the dude ranches of Montana, to breathtaking forests and lakes of Wyoming. Hike, paddle, raft, horseback ride, fish, and ski your way through this incredible region.

Colorado lies close to our heart, as much of the Extraordinary Journeys team calls it home. One road trip through this gorgeous state and you will understand why many of us have chosen to settle here. Colorado is magical, due in large part to endless mountains, wide open spaces, and charming towns such as Aspen, Fort Collins, and Crested Butte. Many flock to Colorado in the winter for its renowned skiing, but don’t forget about the beauty of spring, summer, and best of all, fall, which offers vivid foliage and cool, comfortable temperatures. The state lies at high elevation, with the laid-back yet cosmopolitan capital of Denver dubbed the “mile high city”, so be prepared for epic views (and acclimatization) on certain hikes. Home to Rocky Mountain National Park, the nation’s highest national park, with 78 mountains over 12,000 feet of elevation – you will feel on top of the world. We also love its proximity to the Southwest for a combination of experiences.

Moving north, you’ll enter Wyoming, America’s least populous state and a treasure trove of gorgeous parks and open spaces. Here we find the iconic Yellowstone National Park, home to mountains, lakes, valleys, an abundance of wildlife, and a whole lot of geysers (over 60% of the world’s geysers, to be specific!).  Nearby you will find the pristine Grand Teton National Park and the charming town of Jackson. Wyoming is no stranger to cowboy culture, with ranches and rodeos on offer. We love combining private glamping with a luxury dude ranch for the best of both worlds.

Montana is a continuation of endless beauty and outdoor adventure, aptly named “Big Sky Country” for its vast skyline uninterrupted by cities and skyscrapers. Glacier National Park might just take your breath away, due to its immense size (over a million acres) and stunning, diverse terrain from mountains to meadows, and glaciers to jewel-blue lakes. Enjoy the charming cities of Bozeman or Livingston, perfectly situated near outdoor escapes. Unleash your inner cowboy or cowgirl while staying at one of Montana’s many dude ranches, where a taste of the wild west and horseback heaven awaits. For all our fly-fishing enthusiasts, Montana is not to be missed.  

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