Lake Victoria, is a huge lake located in east-central Africa along the equator and borders Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Lake Victoria is the source of the Nile and with a surface area of 26,600 sq mi, (68,800 sq km) Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake. It is the largest tropical lake in the world, and the planet’s second largest freshwater lake; second only to Lake Superior.

Lake Victoria

Its waters are rich in fish life including large Nile Perch, sought after by local fishermen. There are island properties on Lake Victoria that can be accessed from Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. In addition to offering some great variety from daily game drives, with activities like fishing, hiking and visits to local fishing villages, a few nights on an island can be as relaxing as ending your safari on the beach at the Coast or on Zanzibar. One of our favorite properties on Lake Victoria is Rubondo Island Camp in Tanzania.