Tucked away in the rolling hills of Colombia, Barichara was once an important stop along a Spanish trade route connecting Bogotá and the Caribbean Sea. As modern highway systems emerged, circumventing Barichara and the surrounding terrain, the town became isolated and seemingly frozen in time.

Today, the nearest major airport is a four-hour drive from Barichara (fear not, there is a small commercial airport thirty minutes from town!) This inaccessibility has acted as a shield, preserving Barachara’s authenticity in a rapidly changing world. A visit here feels like a journey to a more tranquil era, where the pace of life slows to a leisurely stroll along its cobblestone streets.

Here, colonial houses adorned with terracotta roofs and draped in bougainvillea complement the verdant surroundings. Vivid colors grace every corner, from the facades of cathedrals to the goods sold in the artisan market. Just outside of town, the Chicamocha Canyon is a playground for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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