The Hide

The Hide Safari Camp is situated in a private concession on the eastern border of Hwange National Park. Built in 1992, the Hide is constantly evolving to keep up with the times and has truly earned its title as an excellent safari destination. It boasts a lovely accommodation, warm and attentive staff, and a phenomenal wildlife experience. We would not consider The Hide to be particularly high-end, but it has a fun and communal vibe which we like and can be perfect for some guests.

The Hide is well-managed for being such a big camp (can accommodate 22 people). The food is good and the staff is organized and attentive. Meals are communal and served in one large dining area, making this a poor choice for those looking for a very intimate experience. But this can be fun for young people, families, or those who are very social and don’t mind the lack of privacy. There are 10 suites available; eight standard and 2 family suites. They each come with slightly different features, so you’ll have to be clear if you are particular about having a bath or an indoor vs. outdoor shower, for example. There are also a few alternative overnight experiences offered here that can be specially booked: Dove’s Nest is a treehouse and Tom’s House is a private house that comes with a private chef, vehicle, and guide. There is also a new lounge area that can be booked with one or both of the family suites. There are lots of options for groups! The suites all have views of the waterhole which can be very active, particularly with resident elephant, during the dry season. The hide, that the camp is named after, is amazing for watching massive herds of elephants come to drink. The communal areas (pool, bar, lounge) are large, comfortable, and inviting.

Guests can enjoy game drives, guided walks, and night drives in the private concession. Hwange is typically very good for game-viewing, but we admit, we have had subpar experiences with some of The Hides’ guides. The only other downside is that the concession borders the edge of the park which is marked with a railway. Being only a few kilometers away from camp, it can sometimes break the silence in the early mornings.