Springlands Hotel

Springlands Hotel is located in Moshi, at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. We only send guests who are climing Kili to Moshi, and Springlands is one of the few properties in the town. We actually prefer that our guests stay in Arusha before a climb, as it has better options for accommodation and activities and it’s only slightly farther away.

Springlands is a very clean and basic hotel. The baths are small, yet modern and bedrooms are simple. There are indoor and outdoor bars and a nice pool that the mostly young guests gather around. The guests and staff are very laid back and sweet, and there is a backpacker-feel to Springlands. We like Springlands, but we much prefer the options in Arusha for many of our clients.

Our Favorite Moshi Accommodation on a Map

Springlands Hotel

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