Treehouses in Africa

Treehouses in Africa, The perfect African safari is all about incorporating unique and memorable experiences into your itinerary. We are dedicated to thinking out of the box to find the most up-to-date experiences that will make your safari extra special. Today, we’re taking a closer look at treehouses. Treehouses can be a really fun and romantic addition to your safari. Take a break from staying in a beautiful safari lodge or camp to spend a night under the stars in an elevated and open structure. The views are incredible and you can be so close to nature while maintaining the same level of comfort and elegance as your 5-star property.

Treehouses in Africa, Tinyeleti Treehouse: Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

Tinyeleti Treehouse: Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

Treehouses belong to a main lodge who you would do all of your safari activities with. You would be escorted to your treehouse by the lodge ranger in time for sunset where drinks and a picnic dinner will be waiting for you. Some lodges supply yoga mats for you to use at your leisure and some even offer a masseuse to visit you in your bush bedroom. Or you can just relax, bask in the vast and clear African sky, and enjoy your solitude. We find treehouses to be very romantic and are perfect for a couple. However, many of them can accommodate up to four, making them a great experience for families as well.

Treehouses in Africa, Chalkley, Guests Setting Chalkley Treehouse: Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

Where can you stay in a treehouse on safari?

South Africa: Lion Sands operates two treehouses in the Sabi Sands (Chalkley and Kingston) and one in Kruger (Tinyeleti). Sebatla Treehouse in the Madikwe Game Reserve just opened in March and has been really well-received as has the Giraffe’s Nest at Motswari.

Kenya: Alex Walker has a treehouse in the Maasai Mara in Kenya and his properties never cease to amaze us. Guests staying at Serian Mara and Serian Ngare can build a night in the tree house in to their stay. While not technically a treehouse, the Loisaba Starbeds are an incredibly unique experience and you definitely have the feeling that you are floating among the trees and the stars.

Treehouses in Africa, Serian Treehouse in the Mara, Deck Serian Treehouse in the Mara

Zambia: In South Luangwa National Park, Kaingo Camp has their Elephant Hide treehouse where can spend the day and the night with perfect views of a centuries-old elephant highway.

Treehouses in Africa, Kaingo Elephant Hide Sleepout

Kaingo Elephant Hide Sleepout, South Luangwa, Zamiba

Tanzania: Finally, we are really excited about Rubundo Island Camp’s brand new treehouse sleepout experience which will be available starting July 2014. The treehouse is currently being built on Rubondo island in the center of Lake Victoria and will have views of the lake through the trees. Guests can enjoy an alfresco shower or bath in the wilderness canopy and then spend the night in a luxurious double bed with just the sound of the rain forest to lull them to sleep.

We think a treehouse sleepout is a really memorable experience and we would love to help incorporate it into your next safari.