The Seychelles are some of the most beautiful islands in the world, located just south of the equator and some 1500km east of the African coast in the Indian Ocean. Remote and reminiscent of Gilligan’s Island, they play host to any number of honeymooners, anglers, and celebrities (including Prince William and Kate Middleton!). With white sand beaches and turquoise water, the Seychelles are the ultimate getaway or an idyllic beach extension to your safari.

Properties range from entire islands to private villas to luxury resorts. With 115 islands to choose from, options abound! Some of our favorite private islands are North Island, Fregate, Descroches, and Denis, to name a few. If you opt for a resort, the Four Seasons, set on a beautiful sheltered beach at Baie Lazare, is one of our favorite properties on Mahe and in the Seychelles as a whole.

The Best Experiences in the Seychelles are almost as varied as the islands. And the weather is unbelievably beautiful year-round.

The Best Experiences in the Seychelles, Fisherman

Fly Fishing & Diving/Snorkeling

For the ultimate bachelor party, active honeymoon or family that fishes/dives together, the Seychelles offer first-class fishing and scuba diving/snorkeling. Alphonse Island is the undisputed dream destination for fly fishermen. The bone and GT fishing in the waters around Alphonse and St. Francois is world-renowned. The warm Indian Ocean water is like the cradle of life of the global marine species.

Just last year, our amazing safari specialist and inveterate traveler, Lara Ray, celebrated 20 (!!!) years of marriage with her family in the Seychelles. She was able to share her passion for sport fishing with her kids, who were finally old enough to appreciate it. She remembers it fondly and the pictures are amazing!

Diving is possible year-round; however, the best conditions are April thru May and October thru November as the water temperature is up to 84°F and visibility is more than 30 meters at offshore sites. The months of August and October thru January are the best months for divers to see mantas and whale sharks. It’s a great season for everyone, from novice snorkelers to experienced divers!

The Best Experiences in the Seychelles, Forest

Wildlife spotting

While you might not immediately associate the Seychelles and wildlife spotting, it’s not dubbed ‘The Galápagos of the Indian Ocean’ for nothing. The Seychelles have one of the highest endemism rates of anywhere in the world, with some 30 endemic species of reptiles and amphibians and a dozen birds. They have a huge variety of fish, including the largest pelagic creature, the whale shark. Green and Hawksbill turtles both nest on the Seychelles, and Aldabra Atoll contains tens of thousands of Giant tortoises (possibly as many as 100,000!).

Exploring the Seychelles on foot is a really beautiful, fun, and educational experience. Walks and hikes to different islands can be the best way to spot the wildlife. You’ll want to take your camera everywhere.

The Best Experiences in the Seychelles, Yaghting

Weddings & Honeymoons

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that the Seychelles are the quintessential wedding/honeymoon destination. Relax on the beach before the big day or pop a chilled bottle of champagne delivered to your room upon arrival. Charter sunset cruises or stay in … the choice is yours. (Jamie and her husband selected the Seychelles as their honeymoon destination just a couple of years ago, so we’ve got you covered.)

A private villa on a private beach is perfect for that dream honeymoon. Enjoy horseback riding or walk hand in hand along a long stretch of white sand beach. Or why wait? Wed in paradise with experienced wedding planners to take care of all the details, so you don’t have to.

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