Rachel Cappucci

Head of Business Operations

Supportive | Dedicated | Flexible

Rachel Cappucci is a Massachusetts native with a passion for adventure and spontaneity. She moved to New York to finish her degree in journalism while immersing herself in the city’s vibrant cultural scene. On her first trip to Africa, she fell in love with with the rich wildlife of Kenya’s Maasai Mara, and to date it remains her favorite. In Tanzania, she drove the northern circuit, admiring the diverse landscapes. In Johannesburg, South Africa, she became particularly fond of the city’s street art. Exploring off-the-beaten-track wineries in Stellenbosch tops her list of memories. And, of course, one of her most unforgettable experiences is bungee jumping at Victoria Falls. The opportunity to exchange with local people and build friendships around the world is very meaningful for her.

She’s been working for Extraordinary Journeys for eight years and her teammates describe her as supportive, thoughtful, and a problem-solver—sounds about right for our head of operations.

Rachel Cappucci

Meeting people, having conversations, developing friendships.

My Greatest Adventure

Chimp trekking in Tanzania (Mahale mountains) remains unmatched! The journey to the remote location on the shores of Lake Tanganyika is an adventure in itself. The opportunity to learn about the behaviors and roles among the chimps, and then to witness their family dynamic close up was truly special. Swimming in the freshwater lake, the beauty and uniquenesses of the lodge (Greystoke Mahale), and making friends there was an adventure that will be difficult to top!

My Favorite Destinations

Kenya. Each time I visit it simply gives me this feeling of magic. The warmest and most welcoming people, the incredibly diverse landscapes, and the prolific wildlife in the Masaai Mara. These factors combined with it being my first-ever safari experience, and years later, where my husband proposed, make Kenya without a doubt, my favorite.

Top Countries I Have Travelled to:


South Africa
Tanzania including Zanzibar

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