Jen Ross

Head of Marketing

Passionate | Organized | Caring

Born into a nomadic family, Jen has travel in her blood. Over the first 18 years of her life, she moved frequently, relocating ten times across the eastern and midwestern United States. With a new home always on the horizon, she became resilient and learned to adapt well—two traits that later defined her professional journey.

Following her passion for people and their stories, Jen obtained a degree in journalism and sociology, followed by a master’s in Business Administration with a focus on marketing. After college, Jen took up a post with General Motors, where she honed her marketing skills, working across public relations, branding, and licensing. Before joining Extraordinary Journeys, she worked for various digital marketing agencies and as a digital marketing strategist for small businesses.

Outside of work, Jen enjoys exploring the world with her family; their adventures have taken them from the flawless beaches of the Cayman Islands to the ancient cities of Italy, with many parts of the U.S. in between. Always thinking about her next trip, Jen is currently planning a big family getaway to Spain. A lover of culture and people, she enjoys chatting with locals when she travels, gaining insight into their way of life, and soaking up the ambiance of new places.

A lover of culture and people, enjoys chatting with locals when travelling, gaining insight into their way of life, and soaking up the ambiance of new places

My Favorite Destinations

From the minute I stepped off the plane in South Africa, I was hooked on this special country. The warm, friendly people, the spectacular, ever-changing landscapes, and exquisite cuisine make it such a fascinating place to visit. You can be on safari, deep in the bush with lions and elephants one day, and sprawled out on a beautiful beach the next. I particularly loved the safari experience. It was my first time, and it was such a thrill to see the majestic wildlife of Africa up close. I loved the guides, too. Their passion is infectious, and their knowledge is just amazing—my husband loved that the guides had an interesting answer for every one of his (many) questions. I can’t wait to get back to the Rainbow Nation.

Top Countries I Have Travelled to:

Cayman Islands

South Africa
St. Thomas

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