Emma Fritz

Head of Sales & Business Development, Regional South America

Inquisitive | Restorative | Balanced

Originally from the Finger Lakes area of New York, Emma developed a love for exploration and adventure from an early age. Her first taste of international travel came through her journeys to Latin America, which ignited a passion for discovering new cultures and landscapes. Her interest in cultural nuances and language differences between countries led her to complete a Spanish degree. During that time she studied abroad in Costa Rica and completed a tourism internship in Buenos Aires. After college she moved to Chile and lived for four years in Santiago working as an English teacher, and later spent eight months as a caretaker on a sheep ranch in the Aysen region of Patagonia.
Currently residing in Austin, TX, Emma spends her free time exploring Texas state parks with her husband and two dogs, and ventures south to explore more of South America whenever possible.

Emma Fritz in Cusco

I love being a passenger in a new place. Most of my early South America explorations were done by bus, which allowed me to see so many nooks and crannies of these countries, and I’ve also taken road trips through Iceland and Uganda.

My Greatest Adventure

Working as a caretaker on a private ranch in Aysen, Patagonia. My now-husband and I spent six months living in complete isolation taking care of seven dogs, a flock of chickens, three barn cats, and twenty sheep, which grew to forty sheep when the lambs were born, through the winter in Patagonia. We lived in a small two-room cabin (plus the seven dogs) with no running water, and a wood burning stove for warmth.

My Favorite Destinations

Put me anywhere along the spine of the Andes and I will be happy, but I would have to say the Carretera Austral in Chile.

Top Countries I Have Travelled to:

Costa Rica

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