Brigid Finley

Destination Specialist | Africa, North Africa & Middle East

Intrepid | Curious | Compassionate

Brigid Finley, originally from Berkeley, California, came to Extraordinary Journeys with over 15 years of experience in the travel and hospitality industry. Prior to joining the team, she led PR and marketing campaigns for some of the world’s top travel and tourism brands—including Marriott International, Peru Trade Commission, and Visit Telluride—as well as her own independent travel consultancy. A graduate of Boston College, she also holds a degree in Political Science, and a Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Destination Management from George Washington University’s School of Business. After many years of helping brands and destinations tell their stories, she decided it was time to help people create their own. Now, she brings her passion and knowledge for Africa and the Middle East to Extraordinary Journeys’ international clients, helping them to make stories and memories. Whether out exploring the world or closer to home, Brigid enjoys hiking, skiing, cooking, and simply being outside. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, young daughter, and two rescue dogs, Lola and Cruz.

Brigid Finley

We change when we travel. We come home with new insight, perspective, and, ideally, more empathy for other people around the world.

My Greatest Adventure

While hiking through the deserts of Jordan, my husband and I befriended a Bedouin guide. That night, his family was having a big celebration back at their camp in honor of his father’s return home, and the guide invited us to join the festivities. In the dark, we hiked through the desert to camp, where we found dinner waiting— a goat roasting on a spit. We obliged, even though we were both vegetarian at the time. The men sat in one circle and the women and children in another, and I spent many happy hours speaking with my hands to enraptured kids while women occasionally hand-fed me tasty morsels of roast goat. We finished the evening with butter coffee and hiked under the moon back to our lodging.

My Favorite Destinations

I don’t have a favorite place, but there are a few special destinations that I always look forward to returning to. Kenya’s culture is so rich and alive. I always enjoy spending time with its open-hearted people, and its wildlife is simply spectacular—I cannot get enough of it! Israel continues to fascinate me due to its history—which continues to unfold—complexity and intensity. It has so many magnificent sights that are important to so many different people around the world. And then there’s Mexico. I return here several times a year. I can never get enough of the food, the cultural traditions and the kindness of its people.

Top Countries I Have Travelled to:

British Columbia
Costa Rica
Grand Cayman

South Africa
Turks & Caicos
United Kingdom

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