Beatriz Taveira

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Beatriz grew up in Portugal. She studied Design at the Fine Arts University of Lisbon and the Bauhaus University of Weimar in Germany. From an early age, she began creating, specifically in the visual arts area. Art has always been an undeniably significant part of her, and to this day, she feels it would be impossible to feel fulfilled without expressing and stimulating her creative side.

After graduation, she decided to pack her whole life into a backpack and start traveling. Starting with a trip around Europe, she stayed in Greece and Bosnia for more than half a year, volunteering for the refugee crisis, then traveling and working in Australia, and later living in Indonesia for two years.

She felt this calling to get to know Africa and moved to Cape Town, where she is now based. She loves it for its endless activities, its breathtaking nature, and the opportunity to live right by the ocean—where her heart truly is.

Beatriz has had a variety of work experience: working on a farm in Australia, as a yoga instructor and manager at a resort on the remote Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, and then as a graphic designer, mural artist, and painting custom surfboards in Bali.

Now, with Extraordinary Journeys, she has found the perfect balance, combining creativity and visual artistic skills with her immense passion for travel. Showing people beautiful places worldwide and motivating them to travel there feels like a blessing. In her opinion, there’s nothing one can do more enriching than traveling—it can only make someone better.

My favorite way of traveling is slowly very slowly and with the flow without much of a plan and ideally with no return ticket.

My Greatest Adventure

My favorite way of traveling is slowly—very slowly—going with the flow, without much of a plan, and ideally with no return ticket. I really love experiencing what it is like to live in a place and to get involved in the local community. I have an ease in meeting and engaging with people and I learn so much from talks on the street with locals and listening to their stories. I always try to give something back to the places I visit, so I often volunteer or donate to an NGO, but if that’s not possible just the awareness and the conscious effort to support and empower the people I meet along the way, or the land itself environmentally, in my opinion, does go a long way.

My Favorite Destinations

South Africa definitely has a huge part of my heart as it is where I’m settled and have a base, but the place that impacted me the most is Iguazu Falls at the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. I went there with my family when I was younger and still can recall how overwhelming it was to see, hear, and feel the magnitude of water falling from so high and all the wildlife around it. In my opinion the power of nature really is the most amazing thing one can experience and witness.

Top Countries I Have Travelled to:


South Africa
United States

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