Better Prices for Private Guides

Better Prices for Private Guides, One of the key elements to a great safari experience is a highly rated private guide. This is a host and expert who accompanies you from the beginning of your journey to the end, showcasing the highlights of the region—from flora and fauna to the wildlife and communities—while keeping you safe, cared for and well-informed. Their goal is to ensure that your journey is seamless and filled with inspiring and unforgettable memories.

We are thrilled that our partner, Wilderness Safaris, is now offering a reduced daily rate of $450 per day for a Private Journey Guide in Botswana or Namibia, if you’re visiting at least one of their fabulous camps. To further sweeten the deal, they are picking up the tab for guides’ flights and accommodations at their camps, ensuring that your adept escort is always right by your side when you need them.

Better Prices for Private Guides, Walking Safaris
Wilderness Safaris in-camp guide leads a group on walking safari. ©Wilderness Safaris

If you can’t take a guide with you throughout your trip, you can reserve premium guides at each Wilderness Safaris camp. Pre-book a guide for $60 per day, plus a supplemental fee for a private vehicle.

Outside of Botswana and Namibia, we can connect you with other exceptional private guides wherever you go. Among the best of the best is George Mavroudis, who will be leading a private guided mobile safari in Tanzania next February. Normally, mobile safaris are private, but this one is open to up to 12 guests for $14,850 each.

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