If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable experience travel to South Africa… and then DAY TRIP to Antartica.

From the elegant Ellerman House in Cape Town – which houses one of the most influential collections of African art – explore the Mother City’s best historical sights, bluechip galleries, luxury boutiques and top restaurants. Then day trip to the Cape Winelands to experience world-class wines.

But if that’s not enough and you want something seriously over the top, then consider a day trip to the “white desert” of Antartica on a private jet. The 5 ½ hour flight is just enough time to build your anticipation before you touch down in a stark landscape of ice and snow.

Take in the magnitude of the glaciers and mountains and superglacial lakes. Think: 8 hours of unparalleled exploration under the high bright sun. Explore caves and trek through the snowcovered mountains. This alien landscape is just for you and your group. The guides time this tailored experience to the group’s distinct capabilties.

End this perfect day in luxury. A gourmet champagne dinner awaits you. Finally, return to Africa… reflecting on this once in a lifetime experience.

If one day isn’t enough though, consider a longer four or eight-day excursion. Another option is to fly to the South Pole to see a colony of emperor penguins. Then again, the Cape Peninsula has its own African penguins on Boulder’s Beach to visit a little closer to home!

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All photos courtesy of White Desert Antarctica.