Cape Town is a place where cultures collide, flavors mingle, and artists, craftspersons, designers, and culinary geniuses find their muse.

Thanks to its laidback lifestyle, jaw-dropping scenery, and cosmopolitan culture, Cape Town is a creator’s paradise. It’s where cultures collide, flavors mingle, and artists, craftspersons, designers, and culinary geniuses find their muse. The city’s markets pulse with originality, offering handmade gifts, locally and sustainably sourced produce, and unique, top-quality goods. Each market offers something special, be it tasteful live music, a vibrant atmosphere, or a picturesque setting. They’re more than just a place to shop—Cape Town’s markets reflect the heart and soul of a diverse and culturally-rich community. Take your time to wander some of our favorite local markets on your next trip to Cape Town. 

The Oranjezicht City Farm Market | V&A Waterfront

Seasonal fruit and other locally sourced fresh produce are available in abundance.  Image courtesy of The Oranjezicht City Farm Market
Seasonal fruit and other locally sourced fresh produce are available in abundance.  Image courtesy of The Oranjezicht City Farm Market

Held at the picturesque Granger Bay district every Saturday (and on Sundays during summer), this community market showcases the best local independent urban farmers and artisanal food producers. Join the locals as they gather to shop for organic and seasonal produce and seasonal fruits. Discover your new favorite food stalls sizzling hearty breakfasts, flavorful vegan and vegetarian lunches, and mouthwatering desserts. If you prefer a quieter experience, arrive early and explore the various plants and blooms while sipping a cappuccino or smoothie before the crowds arrive. 

Open Saturdays 08:15-14:00, Sundays 09:00-14:00

The Old Biscuit Mill/Neighbourgoods Market | 373-375 Albert Road, Woodstock

Locals and visitors gather at the trendy weekend market for irresistible food and inspiring design. Image courtesy of The Old Biscuit Mill

A haven for the stylish and eclectic, the Neighbourgoods Market is the pioneer that sparked the trend. Located in the historic Old Biscuit Mill, the market offers a fusion of fashion, jewelry, food, craft cocktails, and permanent boutiques that draw in a young and trendy crowd. With over 100 specialty traders, the award-winning market becomes a bustling platform for local farmers, culinary innovators, organic vendors, bakers, grocers, butchers, artisans, and celebrated chefs to showcase and sell their exceptional products. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, or arrive early to avoid the crowds. 

Open Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00

The Earth Fair Market | Cnr St Joans Road & Timour Hall Rd, Constantia

A wide selection of handmade goods are sold at the relaxed community market in ConstantiaImage courtesy of the Earth Fair Market

The Earth Fair Market embodies the spirit of community, sustainability, and creativity. Located in lush Constantia, the market offers an array of locally-sourced produce, artisanal foods, and unique handcrafted goods. With a commitment to eco-conscious practices, it promotes sustainability by encouraging recycling, reducing waste, and supporting environmentally friendly initiatives. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, craft lover, or simply seeking an authentic local experience, it’s a must-visit that celebrates the best of Cape Town’s regional flavors and creative talent.

Open Wednesdays 16:00-21:00, Saturdays 09:00-14:00

Makers Landing | V&A Waterfront

The waterfront-based market showcases authentic dishes created by local food entrepreneurs. Image courtesy of Makers Landing

A celebration of culinary expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll want to make sure you visit Makers Landing on an empty stomach. Located at the V&A, the community space provides a platform for local artisans and chefs to showcase their talents. From interactive cooking classes and workshops to tasting sessions and pop-up experiences, the marketplace allows visitors to engage with the makers, learn about their craft, and indulge in delicious dishes like frikkadels, traditional South African meatballs served on a toasted brioche bun, or spicy prawn curry.

Open Friday to Sunday, 10:00-21:00

The Mojo Market | 30 Regent Road, Sea Point

The Sea Point lifestyle and food market has daily live performances by local musicians. Image courtesy of Mojo Market

Buzzing with energy seven days a week, Mojo Market is a haven for food enthusiasts and those seeking a lively experience. Boasting an impressive selection of over 30 food vendors, the market presents a delightful dilemma with tempting options including fresh oysters, tantalizing tortillas, and mouthwatering shawarmas. Desserts like artisanal gelato, baklava, and rolled ice cream in a myriad of flavors ensure that every sweet tooth is satisfied. Sing along on karaoke nights or sway to the sultry beats of salsa evenings—Mojo Market is the ultimate festive foodie hub.

Open all week, 08:00-midnight

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