Best Bars in Cape Town

Jene, our colleague in Cape Town, is always seeking out the best places to eat, drink and shop in that beautiful (and delicious) city! Here are a few of her favorite Cape Town bars; known for their wines, cocktails and tapas.

Contemporary, cool and happening, Orphanage Cocktail Emporium is essentially a relaxed club or cocktail bar and a favorite hang-out of the young, hip and friendly. A sophisticated selection of witty and expertly concocted cocktails is a key feature and the food is playful and perfect for sharing.

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Tucked neatly behind the delectable Honest Chocolate Café and looking into Commune 1 gallery, The Gin Bar is the new cool kid on the block! A concept bar that only serves gin is all about quality rather than quantity, just like its chocolatey sibling. Serving only four cocktails from a beautiful little Victorian-style bar, the menu comprises only four cocktails, cleverly named Head, Heart, Soul and Ambition.

Door 221 is a bar/eatery on Bree Street with a focus on old fashioned cocktails and tapas, served in their upstairs and downstairs seating areas. It’s small, which keeps the vibe pretty laid back. It’s not the place to go for an intimate supper as it can get loud (it is a bar after all) – but superb for drinks and snacks after work till late into the evening and a great vibe! They are particularly known for their tacos.

Tjing Tjing offers good music, great cocktails, tapas and rad rooftop bar. Tjing Tjing Torii is a good option for those looking for more relaxed fare than upstairs bar Tjing Tjing, plus the yummiest Asian Tapas this side of the City Bowl. Located upstairs from Dear Me and below Tjing Tjing, the interior is great, the staff is nice and the food is amazing.

Another new-ish kid on the block, The Village Idiot is a huge bar/eatery in Loop Street with a big wrap around verandah. Good for drinks and some dancing and very much of a local flavor.

Publik Wine Bar is one of the city’s most original and unconventional venues. Local food blogger, David Cope is the man behind the wine, and entrepreneur, Andy Fenner is mad about ethically-reared meat. A collaboration of the two minds, walk into this unassuming neighborhood wine bar and you’ll be greeted by hulks of hanging meat, set against the backdrop of some of the most unusual and interesting wine labels. It’s worth popping in for a drink and a good watering hole on a walkabout of Bree Street.

Perched in a Victorian townhouse in the midsection of Kloof Street, Asoka, as is a restaurant, cocktail bar, sundowner spot, tapas joint, live music venue, late-night dance floor – and also famous for its Tuesday jazz sessions.

Chef’s Warehouse: They do the best tapas in town, at the best value. Go there and have the tapas platter for two (and make sure you are hungry, as the servings are generous). They also have an awesome kitchen shop attached. It’s one of my top 5 places to eat in Cape Town, for sure after Pot Luck Club. They don’t take bookings and open for lunch (Mon-Fri) from 12.00-2.30pm and tapas from 4.30pm-8pm.

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