Wolf's Fang Explorer Camp

Wolf’s Fang Explorer Camp

Only a few hours’ flight from Cape Town, touching down at Wolf’s Fang runway opens to door to a world of majesty in the white desert. Wolf’s Fang Explorer camp consists of seven guest tents, a large communal tent and a newly-refurbished wash room facility, all of which are well-heated and comfortable. The communal tent features cozy rich leather finishes and a finished dining room where guests are served all meals. In the adjoining kitchen, the camp’s chef prepares freshly baked bread each morning before the adventures of the day, and guests can sign off each night with a nightcap of their choice, bringing luxurious touches to an awe-inspiring experience in one of the most remote corners of the world. The tents are finished with hardwood floors, cozy rugs, modern furniture and plenty of comfortable blankets.

The camp offers a wide array of polar adventure activities wholly unique to the Antarctic continent, from ice climbing, crystal caves, a journey on the camp’s Arctic trucks, close encounters with Emperor penguins and other wildlife, and more. All activities are lead by UIAGM-qualified guides, who have gone through five years of training and bring their expertise to all aspects of your experience. The camp itself has very low environmental impact and is carbon neutral, allowing guests to enjoy the majesty of the frozen continent in comfort while helping to preserve the stunning ecosystem on the ice.