Sacromonte Landscape Hotel 

For one of the most private and exclusive getaways in the country, travel one hour inland from Punta Del Este, into the vast sierras of eastern Uruguay to reach Sacromonte Landscape Hotel. Architect-designed, this eco-friendly and experiential accommodation offers unique, open-concept cabins in Maldonado Region wine country

The perfect place to unwind and connect with nature, this tranquil hideaway boasts 13 ultra-private luxury cabins tucked into 250 acres of rolling green terrain, native forest, and vineyards. Each steel frame “Refugio,”—as cabins are called here—is constructed with mirrored-glass walls that reflect the terrain. The result is an illusion where cabins disappear into the landscape while giving guests uninterrupted views from the inside. Each open-plan Refugio has a private deck,  plunge pool, and a cozy fireplace —ideal for couples.  

Although the property is sprawling and isolated, each Refugio is allocated an off-road electric buggy to swiftly navigate the terrain. Drive it to a wine tasting in the olive groves or to a romantic dinner at the on-site farm-to-table restaurant known for slow-roasted meat grilled over flame. 

Between meals, follow trails that wind through undulating hills on foot or horseback, relax in your Refugio, or explore the area’s wineries. Long table lunches and wine tastings are served convivially at a communal table overlooking a small lake. 

Luxury itinerary featuring Sacromonte Landsacpe Hotel

Modern cabin with deck at dusk
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Luxury Uruguay Escape

Culture, vineyards, and beaches in up-and-coming Uruguay

8 Days | $8,450 per person

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