Intercontinental Lusaka

Lusaka Intercontinental Hotel is typically a 4-star property offering the amenities one could expect from a large hotel group – a spa, restaurants, health and fitness center, pool, and a gym. You won’t encounter the intimate owner-run experiences you find at the bush camps and lodges, as this is a standard city hotel.

The Intercontinental is 25 minutes from the Lusaka Airport, which makes this a suitable stop-over for guests arriving and departing Zambia. However, for these guests, we prefer the Taj Pamodzi, which is a better option. It offers slightly higher standards in addition to being more cost-effective.

When booking at Lusaka Intercontinental Hotel, we arrange private transfers to avoid waiting for the hotel shuttle which can be an inconvenience.


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Children of all ages


Pool, lounge, gym, spa, three tennis courts, business center, babysitting, laundry service and standard internet service

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Intercontinental Lusaka

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