Hotel Sahrai

Hotel Sahrai, is a modern hotel in the ville nouvelle (new city) offering spectacular views of the medina. If you don’t stay here, have a drink on the rooftop terrace. If you do stay here, the higher category rooms have nice views of the city or the pool. Everything is very sleek and modern. It works well for somebody who wants a break from the traditional riads. However, it’s close to the 17th-century Ibn Danan Synagogue and the Merenid Tombs so traditional architecture is never far away.

The Givenchy Spa on a hill overlooking the Medina offers a chance for unbelievable relaxation amidst historic views. You can hit the gym or sunbathe by the infinity pool – all the comforts of home and more – or get out and explore the real Fez by visiting a local organic goat farm or participating in a traditional Moroccan cooking class. Hotel Sahrai has two restaurants on-site featuring French and local cuisines.