Hacienda La Danesa

Located just an hour’s drive from Guayaquil International Airport, within the lush tropical lowlands adorned with thriving banana, teak, mango, pineapple, and sugar cane plantations, you’ll discover the enchanting Hacienda La Danesa. The estate owes its origin to Helge Olsen, an immigrant from Denmark who arrived in Ecuador during the 1960s. Hacienda La Danesa has just seven guest suites, along with generous communal spaces and lounges, which blend Danish design principles with a tropical Latin flair. 

Spanning an impressive 1,200 acres, La Danesa is a fully operational farm primarily cultivating teakwood and cacao beans. These resources serve as the foundation for crafting exquisite furniture and artisanal chocolates. In addition to these offerings, the farm produces a diverse range of products, including milk, honey, cheese, and dulce de leche, distributed to discerning clientele in Guayaquil and the surrounding countryside.

While La Danesa provides an exceptional setting for relaxation, unwinding, and savoring farm-to-table gastronomy, the breathtaking landscape beckons guests to explore further. Activities such as horseback riding, leisurely inner-tube journeys down gentle rivers, wildlife spotting, and engaging workshops like bean-to-bar chocolate making and beekeeping lessons await. Moreover, a short drive from the estate opens up opportunities to explore the cloud forest, visit cascading waterfalls, or discover nearby banana plantations.

For those planning a journey to the Galapagos Islands, Hacienda La Danesa serves as an ideal prelude or conclusion to your adventure, making it a standout destination in its own right.

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