Discovery Backwater Cruises

Discovery Backwater Cruises, Malabar Discovery Backwater Cruises is the perfect way to explore life along the rivers and canals of Kerala. Unlike the typical Kerala houseboat, the Malabar Discovery blends the traditional stiched hull of a wooden rice barge with contemporary tropical architecture.

While it is quite not as pretty as a traditional riceboat, it is eco-friendly. Added to the traditional hull is a well-insulated aluminum-plywood structure, an energy-efficient engine and two silent electric motors. These silent motors prevent diesel pollution and allow you to make the most of the peace and quiet of the setting. The boat’s narrow design allows it to slip into winding backwaters and away from other boats. The sundeck is fabulous during the day and despite its narrow width, the inside of the boat is comfortable and stylishly decorated, a great place to spend the evening.

The Discovery offers 2 and 3 night cruises that allow you to explore Lake Vembanad and the backwater rivers and canals of Kerala. The experience is immersive and includes guided temple tours, and visits to local farms, traditional meals and tuk-tuk rides through rice fields. The highlight though will be relaxing on the ships elevated sundeck watching the water and life on shore slide past. The experienced crew of four – captain, driver, chef & service staff – will see to it that all your needs are met as you explore the lakes, rivers & channels of this fascinating region.