Tegan Wille

Head of Design

Creative | Authentic | Peaceful

Tegan Wille is a talented creative and a lover of the natural world—so it’s well-suited that she ended up as a graphic designer in Africa-based travel. She grew up in the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg and later moved to South Africa’s mother city, Cape Town, which immediately resonated with her heart and soul. A self-proclaimed dendrophile, there’s nowhere she’d rather be than in nature.

Cape Town is where she studied branding and visuals and has since built her career as a designer in the travel industry, working for some of the best including Wilderness Safaris, and The Royal Portfolio where she managed the group’s design for seven years. Through divine intervention, Tegan found herself in a meeting with the delightful faces of the Extraordinary Journeys marketing team and is now our head of design, helping us create life-changing experiences through sharing the beauty of breathtaking destinations around the globe with her authentic, soulful designs.

Tegan Wille Head of Design at Extraordinary Journeys

Not sure if this term has been coined, but I would say ‘slow-travel’ would be my favorite way of traveling. I like to go through new experiences slowly, without haste so there is a deeper appreciation or sense of place. I would prefer to stay in a place for a longer time to feel the rhythm of the people and culture.

My Greatest Adventure

Our family spent our holidays along the Eastern Coast of Southern Africa. We were on vacation in Mozambique, my dad and I took a dingy out to snorkel alongside the reef. I geared up my flippers and snorkel and my dad gave the signal. I jumped into the big blue and made my way to the reef. Ten minutes in, I got the sense to look into the endless ocean, as I turned I froze as I saw the silhouette of a ginormous shark. I somehow suspended myself in water, adrenaline rushing. My thought was, “First great white attack in Mozambique.” It turned and came towards me, that’s when I saw the white spots, I instantly knew it was a whale shark, at that moment my dad abandoned the dingy and dived in to follow alongside the giant. Next thing, it was my dad, this whale shark, and I, swimming alongside each other—the most incredible experience.

My Favorite Destinations

Perhaps I am biased because I was born in South Africa, but hands down, my favorite place I have ever traveled to is the Transkei in the Eastern Cape. For 12 years every December throughout my school years, we were on the coast of the Transkei, also known as the Wild Coast which is famous for its ‘wild’ seas, the cause of many shipwrecks. The Transkei is made up of green rolling hills and indigenous communities or more specifically Xhosa tribes. Before you get to the coast, you travel on windy roads through the endless hills decorated with little huts, all built with doors facing East, livestock, corn, and people working the land or if they are closer to the ocean, you’ll find the fisherman. The location we visited every year was absolute paradise, we had the ocean, a river mouth, a tidal river, forests, sand dunes, and beaches that stretched for miles. I loved the abundance of nature and the freedom to explore endlessly, the authenticity and soulfulness of the Transkei are forever etched in my heart!

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