Samantha Lambert

Trip Coordinator

Versatile | Adventurous | Detailed

My travel style is truly versatile. I enjoy relaxing and enjoying the quiet moments, just as much as I enjoy being on the go non-stop. I love the mountains as much as I love the beach, and while I’ll look for off-the-beaten-path activities, I don’t mind being touristy when the occasion calls for it. I tend to research every detail for my trips, because who doesn’t like to feel prepared? I can also be flexible, change my plans and go with the flow if a better opportunity arises. I truly am open to just enjoying as many experiences as I can in my lifetime!

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to seek out beautiful scenery. Whether it's a great mountain view, a colorful street in a foreign place, or a new ocean that I'm just experiencing for the first time. I love to find the beauty that I'm not normally exposed to.

My Greatest Adventure

Hiking at any of the National Parks. Especially hiking to the summit of Mount Snowdon—the highest point in England and Wales. Without proper training was truly a thrilling experience—but not something I would advise!

Top Countries I Have Travelled to:

Dominican Republic

United Kingdom
United States

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