Samantha Lambert

Trip Coordinator

Curious | Eager | Versatile

​Samantha is an Ohio native who graduated from Bowling Green State University with a BA in Film & Telecommunications. She spent a semester abroad in Wales—where she truly found her passion for adventure and travel. While exploring Europe she learned so much about travel operations.

Samantha has a strong background in operations and has coordinated all her own adventures. She enjoys coordinating all the tiny trip details to make each Extraordinary Journey trip unique and unforgettable. She loves learning about different cultures and seeing beautiful new sights, as well as trying delicious desserts from new places.

Her travel bucket list is long, and as a new team member of Extraordinary Journeys, Samantha especially can’t wait to travel to Africa. She will most definitely cry the first time she sees an elephant!

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to seek out beautiful scenery. Whether it's a great mountain view, a colorful street in a foreign place, or a new ocean that I'm just experiencing for the first time. I love to find the beauty that I'm not normally exposed to.

My Greatest Adventure

Hiking at any of the National Parks. Especially hiking to the summit of Mount Snowdon—the highest point in England and Wales. Without proper training was truly a thrilling experience—but not something I would advise!

My Favorite Destinations

If I had to choose just one, I have to say probably Greece. Experiencing island life at such a beautiful place was amazing—the views and sights were truly breathtaking. Mediterranean boat rides, lazy beach days, then exploring the island in the evening is my idea of a perfect day. And I still dream about the fried feta with honey!

Top Countries I Have Travelled to:

Dominican Republic

United Kingdom
United States

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