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Marcia Gordon is our co-founder, and you could, in fact, say her entire life has been an extraordinary journey. She has over 40 years of experience in African travel. After working in the Peace Corps in Uganda, she spent 12 years living in Kenya building Park East Tours, raising three daughters, designing a home overlooking Nairobi National Park, earning her pilot’s license, studying traditional medicine and expanding her vast knowledge of properties in Africa. She has worked with leading Conservation and Educational organizations such as WWF, NWF and top alumni.

After a lifetime in the safari world, Marcia Gordon started Extraordinary Journeys with her daughter, Elizabeth Gordon—which became one of the first companies to create bespoke itineraries in Africa. She is now based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Marcia always encourages travelers to gently push outside their comfort zone, because that is where the transformational moments of travel take place—the real magic. She loves an adventurous night under the stars just as much as time spent in a safari camp. She was named a “Guide to the Super Guides” in Departures Magazine and is a grandmother of five. Her team describes her as curious, welcoming, warm, and authentic.

a woman wearing glasses and a black top.

I want to be as far from the beaten track as possible. I love interacting with people whose lives are very different from mine.

My Greatest Adventure

Camping on the Omo River in Ethiopia, experiencing cultures that are almost unchanged.

My Favorite Destinations

Kenya—I always come back to the place I lived. I love the scenery, the mix of cultures, and the wildlife.

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