Katelyn McMillan

Trip Coordinator

Inventive | Tenacious | Passionate

Katelyn’s love for history led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science in History and Political Science from Indiana University. Upon graduation, she entered the legal field before committing to exploring her love of history through the travel industry. After graduation, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to explore a new space before ultimately moving back to the midwest in 2022. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration from Indiana University to further refine her skills in all aspects of her work.

She enjoys hiking, reading and community involvement ranging from local knitting and reading clubs to participating in local road races. She particularly enjoys slowly and intentionally knitting her own clothing from ethically and sustainably sourced fibers. Her family has sheep that she intends to spin her own wool from.

Katelyn looks forward to exploring historically significant places in the future, studying each trip in detail before embarking on her travels to really appreciate the historical significance. While she has not yet had the chance to travel internationally, she is delighted that Extraordinary Journeys has given her the opportunity to grow professionally in this area and to explore new spaces.

I find the best road trip to be filled with historical exploration, laughter, new music and local foods.

My Greatest Adventure

My favorite way to travel is via road trip. I appreciate the slow nature of traveling by road, taking in every mile of travel as it comes. I appreciate the flexibility of traveling by road, extending my stay in certain areas should I feel the need to dive deeper. Traveling by road forces me to slow down and appreciate the perspectives and lives of those around me. I find the best road trip to be filled with historical exploration, laughter, new music and local foods.

My Favorite Destinations

New York City. I have not had the opportunity to travel to many places yet! I have only traveled domestically so far, mainly history trips like Saint Augustine and NYC or sports trips—(my husband and I love football).

Top Countries I Have Travelled to:

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