Esther Ndirangu

Itinerary Designer

Authentic | Friendly | Team Player

Born and raised in Kenya, home of the safari, Esther is based in Nairobi and designs our itineraries. Inspired by childhood visits to Nairobi National Park and Nairobi Animal Orphanage, Esther’s desire to travel came at a young age, and she channels that passion into her work for Extraordinary Journeys. She holds a diploma in Tourism Management from Kenya Utalii College. She has had the privilege of traveling extensively within East Africa as a group leader, as well as to parts of Asia on familiarization trips.

Since joining Extraordinary Journeys in 2014, Esther has expanded her specialist destination knowledge. She added Southern Africa, South America, Morocco, Egypt, India, Australia, New Zealand, Jordan, and Israel to her ever-expanding repertoire. She also loves discovering new sides to her vast and varied homeland and tries to visit new places whenever possible. Esther’s favorite park in Kenya is Amboseli for the elephants, which have always been her favorite animal.

As for future adventures, she is looking forward to visiting Cape Town and Victoria Falls after reading about them while building itineraries, and to the U.S. to meet her Extraordinary Journeys family. Apart from traveling, she loves cooking, spending time with her daughter Imaani, and Zumba dancing to keep fit!

I always say that my favorite destination is yet to be discovered

My Greatest Adventure

When I travel, I like to do a mix of everything. To me, that means a combination of overland and air travel. I took many road trips when I was younger, so seeing a country by four wheels will always have a place in my heart. Lately, I’ve become a big fan of staying in one area for longer, making smaller movements, and really getting to know a place.

Of course, air travel makes remote locations easy to reach, which has a lot of appeal for an adventurous spirit such as mine. Within Africa, this takes you far from the crowds where abundant wildlife is your only audience. When it’s time to reconnect with myself, I always head to the beach. We have some incredible coastal spots in Kenya, and I love to visit them whenever possible.

My Favorite Destinations

I always say that my favorite destination is yet to be discovered. But if you really press me, I’ll say the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. It is the Eden of Africa, and it’s a sight to behold from the towering rim of the crater. The game viewing from the floor is nothing short of epic, all set to a spectacular backdrop—there’s nowhere else like it in the world. Because there’s such a high concentration of wildlife in the crater, there’s a good chance you’ll see predators on the hunt. Lion, hyena, cheetah, and leopard all call Ngorongoro home and are active throughout the year.

Top Countries I Have Travelled to:

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