South America Quiz

Which South American country should be your next extraordinary journey?

Extraordinary Journeys’ travel specialists have designed a quiz that asks 8 fun and simple questions to determine which splendid country should anchor your next trip to South America.

What it’s like to travel with EJ

I always feel safe when traveling in very unfamiliar countries when I’ve planned with EJ, and it’s always so well-organized. I also love that we’re able to have experiences that the average person traveling without an agency, or maybe even a different agency, necessarily wouldn’t – each experience and excursion feels really special. The adventurous, nature-based activities we did were a little out of the norm for us, and I almost want to say that engaging in that kind of activity was life-changing. We literally snorkeled with sharks and surfed with sea lions. I never thought I would, and I’m still high from this trip! I really fell in love with Ecuador!

Amber Ajluni – Ecuador