Sid Hayes

Sid Hayes, is a native born African of British decent and he embodies the melting of two worlds in the best possible way for tourism. He is bright and well educated, both by University and Africa’s bush. He began his professional guiding career in 1991 as a raft guide on the Zambezi River. Since then, Sid Hayes has made a name for himself as a top guide in Zambia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, while also frequenting Namibia, South Africa, and Mozambique. In 1998, Sid started Exclusive Touch Africa, an Independent Destination Managament Company that specializes in a variety of custom safaris in Southern Africa. Sid Hayes organizes all ground handling aspects of the company in addition to being a stellar private guide. Sid Hayes provides a great companion for travelers and completes the Africa Experience. We got him to answer a few questions for us on his experiences as a guide.