The Case for Taking Your Kids on Safari, Seeing the vast spread of the Milky Way in Namibia’s dark skies. Feeling the pull of the Zambezi River beneath your canoe as you cruise by elephants on the bank. Watching a pride of lions stalk a buffalo through the glassy waters of the Okavango Delta. Meeting a Samburu warrior in full regalia. Experiencing the heart-pounding adventure of the Serengeti Plains, home to the largest natural animal migration in the world.

There are simply too many reasons to list why we adore Africa. These are just a few key moments when we fell in love with safari, and why we believe you and your family, especially your children, will become just as enamored.

The Case for Taking Your Kids on Safari, Manor House, Kenya, Giraffe in the Window
Breakfast with Giraffes at GIraffe Manor in Nairobi Kenya

Sure, trips to the zoo may suffice at first, particularly for babies and kids under school age, but once they’re old enough (age 6+), nothing replaces seeing these exotic creatures roaming freely and naturally across the sweeping savannas at sunrise or sunset. You might be surprised how much these awe-inspiring, real-life encounters impact their young, impressionable minds.

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The Case for Taking Your Kids on Safari, Meeting a Lioness on a Game Drive
Lions stalking through Botswana’s lush landscapes. ©Wilderness Safaris

In a nutshell, a safari may shape your child’s life in ways that may, ultimately, affect how they value the world. Just take a look at EJ’s founder, Elizabeth Gordon. Her co-founder and mother, Marcia, raised her in Africa (read more about this here), and for nearly a decade, the duo have worked together to introduce as many people as possible to the magic and wonder of Africa while simultaneously investing in its conservation through EJ.

The Case for Taking Your Kids on Safari, Traditional Activities
Bow throwing contest with the Samburu at Sasaab in Samburu, Kenya

Environmental threats and social factors continue to threaten precious regions and communities. It takes passion and dedication to conservation and community to ensure that we don’t lose them. Connecting with nature and new cultures face-to-face transforms how we relate to the world around us, and can inspire our next generation to continue protecting it. By exposing your kids early, you’re investing in keeping the planet’s ecosystems resilient and pristine, and our four-legged (and two-legged) friends in good standing.

The Case for Taking Your Kids on Safari, Giraffe at Camp
Taking a bath at Cottars Camp in the Maasai Mara, Kenya

It’s not just about inspiring passion for our wild places, but also making unforgettable memories together. We’re talking serious quality time on once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Getting out into Africa’s finest with the family means there’s no excuse, and often no ability, to scroll through social media feeds, binge the latest Netflix show, or even check in on all those work emails. That means you and the kids can slow your roll (or scroll) and relax around a fire pit, huddle in a cozy game viewing vehicle, or at a table over dinner. We may love our digital screens, but it’s even better to sneak a peek at life beyond them, we promise.

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