Northern Madagascar and Islands


A beach paradise on the Mozambique Chanel, Anjajavy L’Hotel protects 1,100+ acres of dry deciduous forest with unique baobabs and other endemic plants. Wildlife viewing here is effortless, including Coquerel’s Sifakas and other lemurs. There are flocks of bright green Grey-Headed Lovebirds, Sickle-Billed Vangas, Crested Ibises, Crested Couas, Madagascar Fish Eagles and Vasa Parrots. There are a few spectacular caves to visit along with tsingy limestone formations, mangroves, outstanding coral reefs and pristine beaches.

Montagne d’Ambre

Established by the French in 1958, this 4,500 acre volcanic massif and its surrounding forests are now one of the country’s best examples of ecotourism which invites local community participation in planning and management. Thousands of acres of montane rainforest are home to extraordinary plant and animal life. A day in this park means exploring incredible plant life, seeing lemurs, spotting birds, and enjoying waterfalls.


Ankarana is an island of limestone Tsingy amidst dry deciduous and riverine forest. The limestone massif is penetrated by numerous caves and canyons. Some of the largest caves have collapsed, forming isolated pockets of river-fed forest with their own perfectly protected flora and fauna. The reserve is known for its many lemur species, including Crowned and Sanford’s Brown Lemurs as well as the ever-playful Ring Tailed Lemur. It is also a birdwatcher’s paradise with nearly 100 species.

Nosy Be Archipelago and other Islands

Nosy Komba

Nosy Komba is a small island nestled between Nosy Be and the mainland in the Mozambique Chanel. It is known for its population of black lemurs, lively local crafts market and stunning beaches. This volcanic island is covered with lush rainforest, home to the Macacoa lemur species and an abundance of chameleons, butterflies, tropical flowers and more. The beaches are white sand that flows into emerald waters. Snorkeling, scuba diving and boating excursions offer encounters with turtles, dolphins and hump-back whales (July-November).

Nosy Ankao

Miavana Private Island, designed by the architects of North Island in the Seychelles, is located on Nosy Ankao. The island is surrounded by a pristine reef offering superb snorkelling and diving opportunities, as well as whale and dolphin watching, deep-sea fishing beyond the reef, jet skiing, kite surfing, helicopter flights, and more. The resort’s “blue safari” comprehensive guided water activities provide fascinating insights into the surrounding ecosystem as guests explore the aquamarine bays, beaches, lagoons, and channels of the archipelago. 

Mitiso Islands

The Mitsio archipelago lies some 50km from Nosy Be, accessible only by boat. This is the Maldives of Madagascar with world class diving and outstanding beaches. One of the islands, Nosy Tsarabanjina, meaning ‘good-looking’, is made up of red, grey and black volcanic rocks with lush green vegetation clinging to them, including baobabs and pachypodium. The highlight of the island is its crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and abundant marine life.

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