Kenyan Coast

Kenya’s coastline faces the warm blue water of the Indian Ocean and extends for 360 miles, from the border with Tanzania in the south to Somalia in the north. Much of the shoreline is covered by a continuous strip of magnificent white soft sand beach, backed by coconut palms, frangipani and casuarinas trees, interspersed with mango and avocado trees, floral shrubs and bright bougainvillea.

The culture on the coast is very distinct from the rest of the country. Like the Tanzanian coast and Zanzibar, the Kenyan Coast is where Africa, the Arab world, Asia, the Far East and Europe come together as one predominant Swahili culture. Here you will see men dressed in white Kanzu gowns with kofia caps and Arab robes and women wearing brilliantly colored kangas and kikois outfits or head-to-foot bui-buis.

With easy flights from the Maasai Mara and nearly anywhere else in Kenya, it’s easy to add some time on the beach to the end of your itinerary.

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