Antananarivo, also known as Tana, is Madagascar’s capital city. Founded in 1625, Tana boasts a rich historical heritage that is complemented by scenic surrounding landscapes. The city, centrally located, serves as a base from which to explore the magnificent surrounding area.

Tana has some points of interest – beautiful architecture (including palaces and fortresses), bustling marketplaces, and impressive chocolate factories. For those wanting to spend time in Tana, we can certainly arrange touring. That said, this city is most often used as a jumping off point to the far corners of the country where you will find our favorite reserves and properties.

Note that Tana has notoriously bad traffic, so most choose to forego touring in an effort to reduce time in the car.

In Madagascar, all roads lead to Tana, and so does the domestic airline. Unless you are flying by private charter, chances are that you will end up circling back to Tana more than once to connect to your next destination.

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