I recently returned from an epic trip to Zimbabwe, where I witnessed some amazing wildlife and scenery in Mana Pools and Hwange National Parks, was treated to warm Zimbabwean hospitality, and experienced safaris led by Africa’s most highly-trained guides.

Recently we’ve been focusing on the importance of tourism in Zimbabwe and how far tourism dollars go in wildlife conservation, community development, job creation, and improving the relationships between communities and wildlife. I saw firsthand how true this was with companies like Wilderness Safaris, Imvelo Safari Lodges, and African Bush Camps – you could truly feel the passion and commitment to their cause. I could continue. However, I’m going to take you on a slightly different journey in this post.

Victoria Falls: Ending Your Safari on a High Note, Elephants

The final stop on my safari was Victoria Falls. After being out in the bush and staying in safari camps for the previous seven nights, I didn’t realize how ready I was for a little more civilization! The area is buzzing with people who come to see the Falls and take part in the huge array of activities available in the area. The Victoria Falls are everything you expect: booming, powerful, and mesmerizing.

Personally, I found this to be the perfect last stop on my safari. Some may prefer to experience the Falls in the middle of their safari to break up some of their remote safari locations and camps. For me, it was the perfect sendoff.

Victoria Falls: Ending Your Safari on a High Note, Rainbow

Most properties that we like in the area, whether it be on the Victoria Falls town side or the Livingstone side, include a couple daily activities around the Falls. Walking tours and boat cruises are standard, but for those with more particular interests, there is plenty more to do (although you may have to pay a little extra for some of them).

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, if you’re interested in a lesson in Jewish heritage in Livingstone, or if you’re looking to interact with elephants for a few hours, you simply will not be bored!

Victoria Falls: Ending Your Safari on a High Note, Bungee

In my too-short of a stay in Victoria Falls, I chose the one activity that I knew I’d regret not doing. Shortly before boarding my flight, I bungee jumped off of the Victoria Falls Bridge, a mere 111 meters of freefall over the rushing waters below. It. Was. Awesome. Although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea (my mother is still wondering how we are related), I can still feel my heart pounding and the excitement in my bones. Whatever it is that revs your engine, that is the feeling you want when you board your flight home. That is how you want to remember your safari. And I’m pretty sure you can find that in Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls: Ending Your Safari on a High Note, Bungee Jumping

(And bear in mind that Victoria Falls Airport is expanding to carry larger aircraft that will be able to connect to even larger hubs, making Victoria Falls an increasingly convenient destination!)