Kibale Forest National Park

Lush and scenic with rainforest, grassland and swamps, Kibale Forest is a haven to enjoy hours of trekking in search of chimpanzees and 12 other primate species, along with incredible bird-life. Kibale is our favorite place in Uganda for chimp trekking and while sightings aren’t guaranteed, you still have a 95% of seeing them. In addition, the hiking is significantly easier than gorilla trekking in Bwindi, allowing you the chance to enjoy and take in your forest surroundings.

For the true chimpanzee lover, we also highly recommend the chimp habituation experience, which gives you more time with the chimps and a chance to engage with the guides. Hang out with the primates for the day observing these animals to learn about their different characteristics and habits while also picking up field and research skills from your knowledgeable guides.

Along with the chimp experiences, Kibale offers other unique and interesting activities.  Take a guided walk through the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary for incredible bird and butterfly sightings (this trail is sought after by serious bird watchers throughout the world), while also keeping a look out for 6 different primate species.  Embark on cultural and farm walks to gain insight into the area’s vanilla and coffee plantations and indulge in lunch at Tinka’s House, a charming spot for visitors to enjoy a local Ugandan meal while being welcomed into the home of a community leader.

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