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To travel is to get away from the everyday and escape to a world which heightens (or relaxes) your senses. Whether your goal is to experience the wonder of jaw-dropping exclusive travel accommodation, to escape to somewhere truly remote, or to have top-notch service which anticipates your wants and needs, our ultra-luxury picks will fulfill each. We don’t believe that the most expensive is unquestionably the best. Very often it’s not, and that’s where our experience on the ground will help you differentiate what’s truly a worthwhile and special splurge.

Ultra-luxury can take on many different forms. Perhaps it’s enjoying the exclusive-use and prime location of a gorgeous Moroccan riad like Royal Mansour, or a private Tanzanian safari villa such as the elegant Singita Serengeti House. Step aboard your private helicopter for an afternoon fishing trip on Mount Kenya.

No matter what, our African ultra luxury favorites are the crème de la crème of design-forward accommodation, prime location, exclusivity, impeccable service, and experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Ultra-luxury African itineraries

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