New South Wales

The capital of New South Wales is Sydney, the nation’s most populous city, renowned for its fabulous harbor with 150 miles of shoreline and meandering waterways. It harbors Bondi Beach for surfing, a vibrant downtown and its own national park with beaches, picturesque islands and rare pockets of native bushland. Swim, picnic, bushwalk, sail or kayak to get up close to wildlife and discover ancient rock art and convict-built buildings. The state is a fascinating mix of modern and traditional, with an estimated 250,000 Aboriginal people who settled the region 60,000 years before Europeans arrived in 1788. Now, NSW is home to a diverse population of 7.3 million people from almost every nation.

Geographically, NSW is diverse, consisting of magnificent forests and jungle-like terrain as well as fantastic beaches. North of Sydney retired hippies and surfers take advantage of good year-round weather at Byron Bay where food, nature and good vibes abound. Remote and glorious, Lord Howe Island has changed little in the past 200 years. South of Sydney is Jervis Bay and inland are the mysterious and majestic Blue Mountains. Health and wellness is mainstream here – inherent in the culture and the attitudes of Australia’s peoples who love their food, wine, and sports. You will be hard-pressed to stress around people with such an irreverent sense of humor!

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