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EcoCamp in Torres Del Paine is a fun, young, eco-friendly property known for its Geodesic dome tents and green design. EcoCamp has won several sustainability awards and was the first ISO14001 certified hotel in Patagonia. All of the camp’s energy comes from solar panels and a micro-hydro turbine, making it Patagonia’s most eco-friendly hotel. EcoCamp’s green dome tents have composting toilets and an energy-efficient design that maximizes passive heat and light energy. Dome interiors are designed with renewable materials and are connected by raised walkways to minimize terrain and fauna disruption. In addition to it’s sustainable design, EcoCamp is known for good local guides and multi-day treks. There is even a yoga dome, were an instructor offers daily classes.

EcoCamp is most appropriate for a more budget conscious traveler. Buffet dinners and shared activities lower the cost of the property. There may also be some hiccups in service but if your priority is activities and a great location in Torres del Paine, then EcoCamp is a good choice. If composting toilets are a total turnoff for you then you would probably prefer somewhere like Tierra, Awasi or Explora Patagonia all of which offer a more polished experience.

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