Rhino Conservation in Botswana with Map Ives

Rhino Conservation Botswana, Meet “Map” Ives the National Rhino Coordinator for Botswana. The current national rhino coordinator for the government of Botswana and environmental director for Wilderness Safaris, Map Ives was one of the first wildlife guides to be licensed in Botswana. Inspired and committed to the beauty of the ecosystem, Ives has been involved with the Botswana Rhino Project since 2002 and was the founding member of the Botswana Rhino Management Committee, which was formed with the government to protect all rhinos. In his current role he oversees all rhino activities in the country from nation-to-nation relocations and monitoring to rhino security.

“It’s as if Map was called by nature to a service that is irresistible. He’s an idealist who will not be discouraged, who is willing to rage. I find that so exciting.” —Uma Thurman, Actor and Activist

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