Story Time with Author and Safari Guide Peter Allison

Book Reading with Author and Safari Guide Peter Allison

Chased by piranha? Bitten by snakes? Encounters with ravenous lions? No, thank you. But for Peter Allison it’s all part of life’s grand adventure.

On his nineteenth birthday Peter decided he would adventure to Africa, explore, and learn to be a safari guide. After sixteen years working and living in Africa – and writing his first two books Whatever You Do, Don’t Run and Don’t Look Behind You – he moved to Chile to explore South America. His passion, however, remained with Africa and he joined the Natural Selection team based in Botswana and Namibia.

Peter Allison’s passion for wildlife and conservation is infectious. Did you know that elephants can cure their own cancer? Have you ever seen a lovesick rhino? Peter will share stories and incredible findings he’s uncovered through his decades-long work protecting, observing, and helping others explore Africa.

“”His misadventures make Whatever You Do, Don’t Run an absorbing read. . . . The material is rich, and Allison is a gifted storyteller. And the only thing stranger than African fiction is African truth.” —National Geographic Adventure

“After reading this entrancing memoir, an African safari may move to No. 1 on your travel wish list. The only catch is you’ll want the author as your guide.” —Chicago Sun-Times