Tony & Phyllis Chiorazzi (02/14/2017)

We are still coming off of cloud nine!!! What a vacation!!!! …Kim and Laura planned out the greatest itinerary one could have imagined…and we cannot say enough about our guide Ombeni James… We saw everything form the great migration to baby leopards…The [wildebeests] and zebras were from horizon to horizon, we couldn’t believe our eyes. We saw lions, cheetahs, giraffes, hyenas and more. We even watched a cheetah and cubs hunting prey…and a mother [leopard] and cubs in a tree 10 feet away from the jeep… Enough cannot be said about the work both Kim and Laura did for us. Going halfway around the world, to a place where we didn’t know what to expect, these two women answered all our questions and put our minds at ease… If we know anyone going to Africa, I will tell them to go through these two.”