Rita Pires

Originally from Portugal, started her career in Lisbon after graduating as a graphic designer and marketer. Her experience as a graphic designer taught her how to marry logic and magic. It honed her perspective skills and gave her the ability to see both the big picture and small details. Later, Rita worked as a marketer for Fujitsu, a leading IT multinational. This role took her to the non-stop frenzy that is Baker Street in London where she was exposed to the fast-paced corporate world. From there, Rita spread her wings and flew to new territory; She moved to the middle of one of the most pristine national parks in Africa, South Luangwa in Zambia. Here, Rita fell in love with Africa as she lived alongside the breath-taking Luangwa River, one of the world’s most pristine, untouched rivers. Rita is fueled by nature, and this was her happy place for a long time. Rita’s love affair with Africa never ended, and a decade later, she is still here, now living on the tip of Africa, in the beautiful city known as the Mother City: Cape Town.