Emily Cottingham

Emily Cottingham, Emily’s thirst for adventure began at a young age while trekking the Himalayas on a family trip to Nepal. Emily’s family adventures continued and she later studied abroad in Italy, volunteered in Tanzania and then took a yearlong world expedition across the southern hemisphere. However, Emily knew her heart belonged to Africa. She moved to Tanzania and began working with an NGO, with regular escapes to the bush to explore Tanzania’s world-class national parks. After pioneering a 400-mile cross-country mountain bike ride for the charity, Emily realized her true passion was helping others fall in love with nature and wildlife through breathtaking travel experiences. Emily became general manager for a high-end safari and Kilimanjaro outfitter in Tanzania. Emily has now visited 45 countries, but will tell you that her extensive travels throughout East and Southern Africa have been the most fulfilling. Emily eventually returned to the US and now calls Colorado home. She looks forward to her annual trip back to explore new destinations, visit friends and favorite locations.