Beth Faulkner

Marketing Assistant

Gracious | Thoughtful | Focused

Beth—our enthusiastic marketing coordinator and team administrator—is based in Atlanta, Georgia with their fiancée and two pets. Beth keeps Extraordinary Journeys’ virtual office in order as the administrator behind the sales and marketing team (and moonlights as a social media coordinator, and photo-sourcer, among many other things—they wear many hats and have the patience of a saint). When Beth is not hard at work organizing the day-to-day at Extraordinary Journeys, they’re organizing their extensive plant collection and are known to pick a new travel destination based on its interesting and vibrant flora and fauna. They took their first trip to Africa this past year—exploring South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe—and now fully understand why everyone on the team is so passionately in love with the continent.

I like a good mix of adventure and relaxation; site tours, kayaking, relaxation hanging out at the beach or pool. I love learning about local flora/ fauna.

My Greatest Adventure

I had a great time in Cuba staying in old Havana. We arrived on a day the town was having a party. We ended up staying out until 4 am dancing in the streets, watching singers on a platform stage that took up a full street block, eating delicious food from vendors set up specifically for the party, drinking local rum and smoking our first Cuban cigars. The next morning was tough—we had to get up and take a bus to Varadero which has one of the best beaches in Cuba. It was definitely, worth the bus ride—I love the beach!

My Favorite Destinations

My favorite place is Malawi. I spent hours snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, and laying out on the beach. I love being near water and Malawi offers such a remote experience, I’ll never forget.

Top Countries I Have Travelled to:

South Africa
Turks and Caicos

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